Simply Planned

I’m going to be honest here. My last memory of me sketching was when I still had pig-tails and a yellow dress with cherries. Basically, I was of a very young age and my drawings did not look like much. Therefore, when I see all these past students recommending I sketch designs, I do feel slightly worried. However, I read their advice and will take it. No matter how little experience I have in sketching, I know that I will have to do a lot of them and I am prepared for that.

Also, I have noticed that I have a tendency to elaborate a lot with anything. Therefore, when I hear that my final projects should be as simple and basic as possible, I need to mentally prepare myself for that. To explain everything I do will be hard. I’m quite a spontaneous person that will get an idea to do something without knowing where I got it from, and then go on a whim. Explaining these spontaneous decisions is never easy and thus that will be another challenge for this semester that I’m ready to take upon.

However, already from the few classes I’ve had, I can tell why everyone was advising us new GRA217 students to keep it simple and sketch a lot. It will obviously help, and I’ll try to keep it in mind throughout the semester and even after I’m done with this class, because actually those are two rules that can be applied to life. Keep it simple, and plan (sketch) everything.


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