1. I love this poster, and I think it has improved so much since we saw it in class. The concept is awesome, and I like the way you added the information around the white dots to make it look like subway stops. The only thing I think could be improved a bit is watching where the letters in the word “Plates” line up with the colored lines. For example, the T leaves only a little sliver of the yellow showing, which could be easily covered with a shift of the letter.

  2. This is one of my favorite posters. I thought the concept was very clever. I like that you got rid of the circular plates and changed it to just say plates. I also like that you put the dates and times as stops. My only issue with it is that I feel like “plates” is competeing with the lines in the background because the type is so similar to the lines. Maybe filiing it in with white may help? Overall, I think it is a great poster!

  3. I love how you changed this from your draft! The new “plates” looks much better, not slammed in the middle and stealing all the attention. The only problem is where it intersects with the yellow line, because they’re a bit too similar. But I do like that you moved the lines so they looked much more like a subway map. I would see if maybe making the text across the top a bit bigger, perhaps making it an even block all the way across the page.

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