The Gestalt Principles can easily be seen in the MTV logo.  Continuation and similarity (or lack of similarity) help define this symbol and make it easy to recognize. In class, we had discussed how juxtaposition and contrast can help to create a memorable image. The MTV wordmark is a perfect example of this idea. Because the image incorporates only black and white, leaving very little room for the viewer to become distracted or confused by too many values. More importantly, the MTV wordmark relies on the principle of continuation. The white “T” and the black “M” both run in the same direction, leading the eye to the “V,” which also runs in the same direction. Because the white “V” is outlined in black, the viewer is forced to keep his eye inside the image, and re examine the image. With the help of continuation, similarity, and simplicity , the black, giant, “M” and the white “TV” brilliantly come together to create the official MTV logo.



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