5 Lessons From GRA217

1 Details

I really want to say details matter. Not like painting, graphic design needs to follow instructions. We have projects throughout this semester. The first one is resume, the second one is poster (which is my favorite one), the third one is website design, and the last one is magazine. Each of these has a purpose, no matter to attract, to persuade, or to educate. Details include the existing format, color theory, balance, words choice, etc.

2 Office hour

I do not how to explain how importance office hour is. Professor Strong is so great. She will definitely help you. Sign office hour ahead of time(sometime you need to sign office hour one week before). Each office hour last 20 minutes. For each project, you might need two appointments. Her feedbacks are super helpful. You will sure get some insights from her.

3 Always have backup

I have a hard drive. I never thought it would be broken. Each project would take at least 5 hours on average. Don’t be afraid. Time will past so fast when you do a project. Play with it and have fun. Cause you have spent so many time and energy into it. When those things lost, you would be so so so angry. Save often. Do not delete something by mistakes. Always have backup.

4 Keep it simple

It is true that sometimes the simpler idea is the better one. I remember the time I did my magazine cover. I was trying so hard to find typefaces. The last cover page I used the simplest one. The one I took the least time.  A lot of thought goes into a simple design surprisingly. After letting an idea settle, we always stay in that idea and never get out. That is not right. Make it simple. Do not add something. Each element will have a purpose. Know when it’s good to go with details or keep it to something simple. 

5 Links

There are a lot of links on blog. LYNDA. COM is so helpful. Some people might like use YouTube. You might know how to do this part, but you will never know other tricks you can use on your project. 

Jingpo Li

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