5 Lessons from Graphics

  1. Simplicity really is key: I learned quickly that adding something because you think it looks cool or pretty makes more an unattractive design over all.  By eliminating unnecessary elements, your project will be more focused your message will be better conveyed.  Focus strictly on what is important and let everything else go.
  2. Make office hours always: Schedule office hours every week, even when you think you might not need them.  Office hour appointments go quickly and I found myself needing design advice and unable to get it because I waited too long.  Professor Strong’s advice will overall make you a better designer and boost your grade.
  3. Trust yourself: While seeing Professor Strong is important, it is also important to trust your own ideas.  Far too often I left out a design element because I did not trust my own vision.  It is important to understand your growing skills and utilize them to your own advantage.
  4. Outside research is necessary: Don’t be afraid to use Google to help you create beautiful designs.  For each project, I spent hours look at Google images and reading articles about trending fonts, and font pairings.  My outside research allowed me to make better design choices and expand my own knowledge of the field.
  5. You’re not going to be amazing at everything: From this course, I found that I am able to create beautiful drawings on Illustrator.  However, I am still unable to use most of Photoshop’s tools.  Find what you are good at and use that to your advantage.  No one is good at everything and it is okay to give in sometimes and use alternative programs.

Sophie Greenberg

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