5 Lessons I Learned That You Should Too

1. Take your time
The assignments in this course are challenging but they are even more challenging when you only give yourself a little bit of time to complete them. Start thinking about what your topic will be for each project as soon as you receive the prompt. The more time you give yourself for each assignment, the better and more professional your project will look, guaranteed.

2. Plan, plan, plan

Strong talks about the importance of sketching but it really is crucial. Having a general sketch is an incredibly helpful tool when creating your assignments. When you first come up with a concept, your head is swirling will all of the possibilities and ideas you can use to carry it out. It’s important to plan so you don’t get overwhelmed while designing.

3. The first idea may not always be the best idea

And maybe not even your second idea is your best idea (cough cough*website*cough cough). You get the assignment sheet, and you’re positive you know what you are going to do it for. So you get to work creating your draft only to not be very pleased with what you ended up with. Your idea just simply isn’t working. It is ok to give up on that idea if you just let Prof. Strong know. Sometimes what we initially think is going to b a great idea simply isn’t. What’s important is to acknowledge what isn’t working and not be afraid to try something completely different.

4. Office hours

Strong is very generous with her office hours and very willing to meet to work through any aspect you may be struggling with. Her expertise with graphic design is definitely something that should be taken advantage of.

5. Get the free trial

The Newhouse labs are an incredible facility. The only problem is that they are not located in your bedroom. Luckily, Adobe offers a free trial that you can download on your own personal computer for a limited amount of time. I also recommend waiting until half way through the semester to download so that your free trial doesn’t expire just before the final projects of the semester.

Corina DeFeo

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