5 lessons learned

1.Start early and manage your time: This is advice that I have struggled with this semester. In the beginning, I would not start until the rough draft due date was just around the corner. Trust me, the due dates really sneak up on you… So this is why you really need to start early! Even if that just means just an idea. Once you know of an assignment, THINK! Just start brainstorming ideas in your head because even that will help you with the process. Also, with everything else going on in your life, managing time is very important. I suggest getting a planner and setting days that you will be working on graphics, even if it is just thinking about it or sketching! Managing time is essential to be successful in this class.

2. Take the feedback and go to office hours: Criticism is sometimes hard to hear, especially if it is exactly the opposite of what you want to hear. BUT, do not think of it as people trying to drag you down, think of it as people trying to help you! Throughout the semester, I always sought for advice and feedback. Feedback is great to hear because your peers could be telling you something that you haven’t seen. Especially, listen to Prof. Claudia’s advice. She is brilliant with graphic design and can teach you things at office hours that you would have never known how to do! You should definetly make at least one office hours appointment for every project. Prof. Claudia just opens your eyes to so much more you could do with your project and improves it so much more.

3. Learn from mistakes: You are not going to be perfect at graphic design and that is okay! You will make mistakes but that is the best way to learn. As the semester goes on, you will take those mistakes and use them for the next assignment. Also, when it is time to revise your original project, you will already be ahead in the semester you will find the silly mistakes you made and laugh at them. At least that is what I did towards the end of the semester. It is amazing  how much you learn but you also learn from mistakes. So.. make mistakes!

4. Trust yourself: Yes feedback is great, but if you really love something don’t change it! Listening to yourself is just as important. Your own creativity is what makes your assignment different and special, do not second guess yourself. Take advantage of having a class based solely on creativity and embrace it!

5. Don’t be afraid: Before coming into this class, everyone who I knew took this class seemed like they struggled with it. This made me very nervous coming into this class because I had no experience at all with any of the adobe programs (which you do not need to have coming into this class!). Yes this class is challenging, but it is a good type of challenging. It is the only class where you can find your own creativity and embrace it. Everything you will learn in this class can be applied to real life, whether that is in your future career or personal life. Do not compare your work to others because you are not getting graded on that! Do the best you can and give it all you got because that is what you will be graded on in the end.

Rae Sanchez

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