5 Lessons Learned

  1. Office Hours- Go to office hours early and often. I recommend going at least once before the rough draft, again before the final, and one more time for your revision. Professor Strong is always happy to help, and will always give you honest, constructive criticism. She will help you brainstorm, and she will give you advice on how to execute the ideas you have come up with on your own. This is probably the most important lesson I learned in this course. Many of the changes I made to my work throughout the creative process came from my discussions with Professor Strong in office hours.
  2. Be Patient- The creative process is just that, a process. There were times we were assigned a project, and I knew where I wanted to take it before Professor Strong even finished explaining it. Other times, I had no idea until the rough draft was due. Although that is not ideal, it is sometimes necessary. As you will hear Professor Strong say throughout this course, “do not settle on your first good idea.” So much of the work is done before you even start working on the computer. Make outlines, think your ideas through, and if when you start working, you do not like what you see, don’t be afraid to start over. Patience is key in this class.
  3. Worry about yourself- Do not worry about other people’s work and how it compares to yours. The class is about what YOU can create and YOU can improve from the first day to the last. You will never be satisfied trying to compete with other students.
  4. Keep an open mind- This class is what you make it. If you refuse to give it a chance, and you feel sorry for yourself for having to suffer through it, you’ll most likely continue to suffer through it. However, if you commit yourself to the work, and realize that there is a lot to learn, you’ll find it very rewarding. Putting everything into a project, watching it develop, and seeing the end result is a great feeling.
  5. Do what you want- Professor Strong will give you a lot of freedom. Take advantage of it. Create work that incorporates the things that you love. It will make the long hours in the labs much more tolerable, if not enjoyable.

Ky Feldman

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