5 Lessons that I learned the hard way

These lists of advice from past students are not just to get an A, they are crucial for your survival. Professor Strong will teach you a lot about design and even a little bit about life, but if you want to get the most out of the class I recommend –

  1. Sign up for office hours now, like now, even if you don’t have an assignment yet – because they do fill up, but more than that – you want to make sure you start building a relationship with Professor Strong. She always knew where I was at with my design and what I personally struggled with the most, and that helped progress my skills.
  2. DON’T FORGET THE TA – I have never really gone out of my way before to contact the TA, I was a professor only kinda gal. However, (Rachel was my classes TA) Rachel helped me in so many ways, like she knew what it was like to be a beginner on Photoshop and helped calm a lot of my frustrations. She also was a new eye to look at my project, and saw obviously wrong things I needed to fix before turning it in.
  3. Save your design, save it now, even if you haven’t made anything yet put it in google drive – because you will lose progress when photoshop “has unexpectedly quit”. Professor Strong is understanding, but it really is on you to save your design properly and google drive, email, and of course your beloved flash drive are the divine trinity.
  4. You can do it, even if you really think you can’t – and that’s life advice too! I remember looking at past student’s work and even the students in my own class’ work and thinking, “whaaaat am I doing here”. Now, did I become a graphic design STAR? No. But I did really surprise myself on the work I created. It wasn’t half bad! You’re going to learn a lot, get excited!
  5. Start your project early enough to have time to WALK AWAY from it – graphic design, and this is definitely not the way everyone feels, but for me- is equivalent to the word frustrating. I am a perfectionist and not being able to immediately create BEAUTIFUL design baffled me! It takes a lot of time and procrastinating is bad in this class, not only cause you’re going to literally be exploding but because it is important to walk away from your work and come back with fresh eyes and realize that OF COURSE that font should be Avenir Next not Baskerville!!

Good luck, you’re going to learn a TON.

Kayln Des Jardins

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