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Watching ‘Helvetica’ in class the other day was a thought provoking experience. I am a mechanical engineering major and typefaces, or fonts, isn’t something that I thought had much meaning to it. There is so much passion in graphic designers when they are designing an ad or anything. In the documentary, the designer that got so enthusiastic about the Coke ad that used Helvetica really made me open my eyes. Designing is a way of life for these people, just like I rely on math and science with my passion. Every little detail they pick out is within the typeface they use. There is a reason to why they pick out that typeface to make it catch a person’s eye.

In ‘Thinking with Type,’ I learned so much about all the different typefaces and what people have created out of other typefaces that were previously created. It amazes me how far back designing goes. I never realized that picking out a typeface is truly a part of graphic design. I always that the graphic design was all about the artistic thoughts that flowed through a person’s mind when given an assignment on advertisement or a website, definitely not in font, or typeface. I’m looking forward to the rest of this course because even though I am not a graphic design major the skills that I will be learning can help me with my future career as an engineer and possibly make me more marketable to companies out in the world.


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  1. I agree with your comments on passion. Those designers were great examples of professionals who love their jobs. It was awesome to watch.

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