A Humble Job

We go through every day of our lives using objects. It’s an unavoidable truth. Everything we do is related to objects in some way or another; there is simply no denying it. How often is it, though, that we think about these objects? Sure, we might think about our needs for certain things: a new phone, a softer blanket, a brighter desk lamp. But how often do we really think about what went into the making of these objects that define our lives? Every object has been designed for a very specific purpose, but those who design them are so humble in their making (at least the good designers are). Their work isn’t meant to be recognized and stand out. In fact, the best industrial designers hope for quite the opposite. In reality, the less people think about the design of an object, the better it is performing. The things that stand out are the problems. For that reason, industrial designers are some of the most modest and important people in our society. They continuously work to go unnoticed. How many other professions can we say that about? Design should be seamless, and the best industrial designers know this. I think many graphic designers work within the same mindset. The design isn’t about the designer; it’s about the user/viewer. They aren’t there to show off, which can be hard not to do in a creative field. So if you ask me, that’s a pretty admirable job.


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