A Typeface Says A Thousand Words

Although I never, and still do not, consider myself a typography specialist, I’ve always been sensitive to typefaces. Like whoever created Comic Sans needs a reality check; the typeface screams, “I’m a child”. Lupton was right when she talks about the relationship between Type and feelings. Her assessment reminds me of the typographer in the documentary about Helvetica who pointed to the board of words printed in the same typeface. He kept saying that the words weren’t getting their message across because the typeface wasn’t expressive enough. To me, the typeface is the heart of the word. You can say so much, without saying so much depending on the type and font you use. At the same time; I agree with the notion that typefaces do not have to be novelty to get a point across.

I find that I am even more aware of typefaces after watching the documentary and reading Lupton, and I really enjoy being able to identify different types and fonts.


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