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Graphic design is omnipresent. Or, it at least feels that way in the world of Advertising, from the point of view of a budding advertiser. Graphic design is used as a vehicle by Ad agencies to make their content more easily digestible by the public. Behind every campaign is a message. The job of the graphics is to code the message and be viewed in a specific way by the public. Ad agencies produce graphics that give meaning, context, and a voice to the message of a company. I believe graphics are everything to advertising. Without graphics, advertisements would simply be poems on a billboard, a solid color on a pizza box, or plain pages in a magazine.

As the head of Herff Jones CA started their Yearbook camp in 2013, “the world would be a lot prettier if yerds (Yearbook + Nerds) designed it.” Replace “yerds” with creatives and you get the picture in the real world. This creative run world would have colors that complement each other, symmetrical sidewalks, landscapes straight out of a movie, etc. Just as the world would change if advertisers ran it, the world in general would be a lot less colorful, artistic, and beautiful without advertisers. Content would not be understandable. Posters along the freeway wouldn’t be understandable; companies would not be combining with Instagram and vine to create new space to advertise; magazines (and maybe newspapers) would have died out by now without the funds advertisers give to create their content.


I don’t necessarily want to go into the pizza industry, but this next graphic was part of a campaign by an Ad agency I would love to intern/work for. This was CP + B’s “Domino’s – Pizza Turnaround” “Our Pizza Sucks” campaign. They embraced transparency with the public by giving the pubic a hand in the process. By 2014, Domino’s was making 50% of their profits on a digital platform, proving their Pizza Turnaround campaign a success. They also received over a billion impressions in PR buzz in a year, which obviously didn’t cost them a cent. I am obsessed with the typography in the campaign most of all. I thought this was genius by CP + B.


“The Unites States of Sports” might be cheating by posting over 100 graphics in a photo, but this is what I love. A dream would be to run PR or the Ad department for a sports team, preferably in LA, and preferably the LA Clippers. What I love about graphics in the field of advertising is it is all about getting in the public’s head. Making sure they remember your art with your message. Sports logos carry such a powerful weight, and are sometimes universally recognizable. I would be honored to be a part of a team that has so much power.


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  1. As a fellow ad major I could not agree more with what you said! I love how you said graphic designers make content more ‘digestible’ to the public and I really enjoyed both of your visual examples. I also love your passion for CP+B and how you mentioned how much you loved the font in the Domino’s ad. When I first looked at the ad I didn’t take the time to appreciate the font. After your comment I went back and really studied the image. You’re so right. The font is genius!

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