Advice Response

I have always enjoyed both reading and giving advice for courses in school.  It’s a really great way to get a glimpse into what you are about to experience through the student’s point of view, which is a very helpful tool to use in succeeding class.  While I thought every student had a gem of advice to offer, Student 5 seemed to hit the points I was looking for the most.  I am a Public Relations major as well, and when Graphics first appeared on my schedule, I have to admit I was a little annoyed.  I pictured this course being similar to Com 117, the movie making class.  I didn’t necessarily dislike that class, but I constantly found myself frustrated at the fact that I was putting so much time into a course that would have a minimal impact on my overall future.


However, after sitting through several classes and reading through the advice from past students, it is clear that the material I will learn in this course will be skills that I use throughout my career.  The advice I found most helpful from Student 5 was to manage your time and slowly work on your projects rather than completing them quickly in one day.  I definitely do not have an eye for this kind of stuff, so in order to be successful in this class I believe I need to take things slowly and not rush my work.  From reading the advice, office hours and extra labs seem to be the key to success.  Getting an A in this course is very important to me, and the better I do the more prepared I will feel to handle projects like this in my future career.

Caitlin Kearns

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