Alternative designs

My creative process does not always follow structure, or even make sense most of the time. I feel like it is very abstract, and not always as cut and dry as it could be. That is why I resonated with Milton Glaser when he said that he doesn’t try “to make it look like it was designed, but like it was just there.” He thought people should have to work for it to understand concepts. I feel like designing that way can lead you to a multiple concept poster. There can be different ideas and dimensions to perceived by whoever looks at it in a certain way. Along with that, Glaser said “drawing is thinking.” I agree with your comment that design is actually thinking. Design takes so much thought, planning, and research, and then drawing is the product of all the thought design takes.

I feel like my poster is an example of when he said “art is defined generationally.” My generation has become obsessed with music festivals. Graphics that represent these festivals have become internationally known because of the hype our generation associates with them. My poster is for Outside Lands, a music festival in August in San Francisco. It is very abstract because the festival has a very alternative feel to it.


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