As “Basic” As Starbucks

My specific field of study is advertising. Like many graphic design fields, working in advertising takes you far beyond creating designs and page layouts. While a specific job may be to create a print ad for a campaign, this field requires an understanding of marketing, advertising, and consumers. Along with the business side, a design in the advertising field will need to know a great deal about print production and preparing works for print in various publications and formats. When working in advertising one can expect to: design magazine advertisements, design newspaper advertisements, perform market research and consumer research, need a thorough understanding of the brand, handle projects from design to production, work directly or for an ad agency, understand both print and online advertising, and work directly with illustrators, photographers and other team members. Not one of these tasks in the advertising profession can be accomplished without a deep knowledge and understanding of the art and creativity behind the advertising. Advertising contains graphic designs that are usually meant to be experienced in an instant. For over a hundred years, designers have arranged type, form, and image on posters, advertisements, packages, and other printed platforms, as well as information visualizations and graphics for newspapers and magazines. Graphic designers convey information through visual solutions that promote or enhance a service, product, philosophy or entity. A good designer has strong advertising and marketing skills, in addition to a keen eye for new trends. Graphic artists work with a variety of materials, including film media, sound, images, illustration, type, color, and animation. The first step of any project is to identify the needs of the client. The designer must also consider the target market, taking social or cultural considerations into account. Every business advertises and used graphic design in its way of doing it. Even in a small “Mom and Pop” business, graphic design skills are needs in designing flyers, informational pamphlets, product catalogs and advertisements. Creating a distinctive logo would also fall to the graphic designer. A designer in a large company normally meets with department heads or clients to get a complete understanding of the expectations associated with any assigned project. He or she will also commonly consult with printers or publishers to identify everything from colors to the best choice of paper. A company would not be able to advertise without graphic design. Even the Starbucks new and old logos (images attached) are the work of many graphic designers since the 1970s. The earliest version of the Starbucks logo was introduced in 1971, based on a 15th century Norse woodcut. It comprised of a circular ring surrounding the mythical two-tail mermaid figure in a coffee brown color palette. The design was intended to symbolize the overpoweringly attractive and almost seductive quality of the coffee. When Starbucks was acquired by Howard Schultz in 1987, the corporate logo was simplified and made more modern. Furthermore, the green color was introduced so as to imply the growth, freshness, uniqueness and prosperity of the rapidly developing brand. Every image, design and picture contains graphic designs.

2bucks starbucks-coffee-logo


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  1. I learned SO much from this piece on the importance of graphics in advertising. I love how you explained the specific role of what advertisers do and then went further in depth about how those jobs require graphic design. Additionally, I love the use of your Starbucks graphics at the end. It really does demonstrate the progression of graphic design over time and it also shows how important graphics are to brand recognition. Additionally, I appreciate how you acknowledge that advertising is so much more than just communication but is a means of marketing, business and design. Overall, I am truly impressed by the detail and comprehension of your writing on the connection between graphic design and advertising. Your writing is far from “basic.”

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