assignment 1 lesson learned

Actually, I didn’t know too much about Graphic design. I even didn’t know what knowledge will I learn from this course. However, after reading those tips or thoughts from previous GRA217 students, I think I have a general outline about this course now. I know we will realize every element in a design must have a purpose. And we are going to study how to use computer to create our own logo, picture, poster and magazine.

And I also got so many helpful tips to make me study well in this class.

For example, don’t be shy to ask professor. Office hour is good for me. Before, I indeed a shy person who seldom go to the office hour, but now , I think I will always sign up for it .

Be contrast when I design. Pepare my assignment or project with enough time.

And this most important tips is Make it fun. I think it’s significant for me to let study become a interest.

Hope I can do a perfect good jop in this course.

Yunxan Wu

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