Assignment #1: Lessons Learned

I have been waiting all year to finally take this class.  Graphic design is what I want to do, it’s what I want to learn about.  However, learning that I am the sole graphic design major in the class on the first day felt a little intimidating.  I thought of the pressure and the expectations that came with being the graphic designer in the graphics class.  Although, after reading through the Lessons Learned—Class of 2012, I realized that I’m only creating the pressure in my own head, and those raised expectations can only help motivate me to do my best.

After reading what last semester’s class had to say, two things I read repeatedly made the strongest impressions on me: sketching is vital and getting feedback and critiques from Professor Strong and the class is extremely helpful.  I used to often tend to skip the sketching process when working on design projects, and then wonder why my creative juices weren’t flowing.  After spending a semester as Assistant Creative Director on What the Health Magazine last semester, my creative director showed me the importance and usefulness of planning out sketches before hand.  I still need to get in the habit of doing so before each time I sit down to design anything, so I’m looking forward to creating that habit and getting better at using sketches to plan and be inspired in this class.

Also, the students from last semester emphasized how helpful it was for their growth to receive critiques.  I often find myself staring at my screen, stuck in my design process, trying to search anywhere for inspiration.  Taking critique is sometimes painful, since, as one student put it, I do get personally attached to my design, but I am excited to take in feedback from Professor Strong and get a view on my work from someone with a lot more experience, and from my classmates, since they can provide plenty of fresh eyes to look at my work.  All in all, I just can’t wait to begin designing in this class, and learn, grow, and develop as a designer.


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