Assignment #1: Lessons Learned

To be honest, I found it quite daunting when I was asked to read the advice of 31 individuals who took the graphics course last year however, I learned numerous different tips that will better my work as the year progresses.

The past students greatly emphasized the importance of sketching. SKETCH SKETCH SKETCH! I  am one of those people who can’t draw whatsoever but, I learned that as long as I attempt to get my idea down on paper it will make the designing process much smoother and will eliminate confusion later on.

The concept of crafting simple designs that also hold contrast within them is a point many students seemed to dwell on. When designing, everything must have a purpose. Whether it be what color you chose for the heading or the placement of an image, everything carries a significant amount of meaning. Also, the contrast one creates in their work helps the viewer to determine what should be the center of attention.

On a serious note, I am nervous about taking this course due to my lack of experience with any design programs however, I learned that if I keep my designs simple, sketch, be patient and add contrast to my work, everything should be alright in the end.



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