Assignment 1-Lessons Learned

I didn’t know graphic design well before I read these tips.a I really learned a lot. First, every element that we pick for design should have meanings. For instance, we can’t just choose red as the text color just because we love this color; we choose red because it excites us and draws people’s attention so that it helps emphasizes the content. We should be able to explain why we make every decision, otherwise the design will not be successful. Second, graphic design is not just a tool of decoration, but a tool for communication, telling stories. It carries message in a vivid way. I am in advertising major, so graphic design may be used when we make an ad. We should use different elements to tell the consumer better about the product information and strengths so that it can help our clients to promote sells. On the other hand, almost every tip advices us to get our work early. It is important to plan and get started quickly instead of staying up late to finish the work before the due date. Good works are produced through long-term thinking and hard-work. Another tip that I kept in mind is to “pick the project that you are interested in”. As we all know, interest is our best teacher. We have passionate to do what we like, and are willing to put effort in it. I have my adv206 class last semester, and I picked Walmart as the brand that I researched on. I don’t really like Walmart, so every time when I did my research, I felt really painful since I was not interested in this brand at all. In brief, besides hard-work, we also need to go to the office hours more often to get feedbacks,and don’t be afraid to ask professor questions. Oh, I ‘ve already downloaded the Creative Cloud on my laptop for free, so thanks for these students who pointed this out! It may also help me a lot. Thanks!

Xuekun Su

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