Assignment 2: Form and Function

Form and Function


Background: I decided to use one of the most unique art pieces I own to stray away from a mundane post. This art piece was actually personally drawn and collaged for me by my best friend. I keep it up in my room and reminds me of the great friendship we still have.

Form: This is a water color drawing of a horse over a collaged and painted background. The background consists of textured paper, thick acrylic paint and shredded construction paper. You can also feel the canvas the piece was originally drawn over. There is a significant amount of contrasting colors and textures that elude to a high-energy setting. There is a lot going on , which is part of the reason I like this piece. It’s not a typical drawing of a horse or a typical drawing for that matter.

Function: The drawing is intended for visual stimulation as well as a personal memento of our friendship.  Because the piece is so creative I sometimes use it for inspiration. I adopt some of the techniques that makes this piece so beautiful and unique. A more mechanical/tangible way I use it is decoration for my room.

Designer’s Challenges:  The designer is an extremely talented artists so when she asked me what I would want as a going-away-gift, I asked for a specially made drawing.  One of the challenges I believe she had was catering the whole piece to me and my tastes. It was also a goodbye-gift so it had to be combination of my personal tastes and a representation of our friendship.  She also had the challenge of representing herself in the drawing, since it was going to be the way I remembered her by.

Approaching the design: When approaching the problem, I think the 3 main things the designer had in mind were me, her, and our friendship. The overall emotion throughout the piece is love.  Our friendship was very honest and down to earth, I can see this consistency through the earth-toned and khaki-toned colors of the background. The designs she uses are very tribal and natural. She also knows I love surreal art the most, which she did use throughout the entire piece. I love great juxtaposition, contrast and chaos in art. Although the piece does look chaotic, everything seems to fit, which I think sums up our friendship pretty well. She also thinks horses are very sound and wise creatures. The use of the horse may be her way of wishing wisdom and calmness for me during my college experience.





  1. This is an awesome piece of work and so symbolic of your friendship with the artist. I love all the different aspects of it and the colors and textures really catch my eye.

  2. I was scrolling through the blog posts trying to find a picture that caught my eye and yours was it. That piece is phenomenal. I make collages/paintings myself so I think it really says a lot about the friendship you have with the artist of this painting. “Although the piece does look chaotic, everything seems to fit, which I think sums up our friendship pretty well.” – I loved that you said this. It basically summed up the meaning of the piece and gave an explanation for the wild, colorful visuals. Loved this post and you gave a lot of in-depth explanation about the design aspect of the piece.

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