Assignment #2: Form & Function

I chose my Vera Bradley wallet because I use it every day and it holds all my essentials without being too large. It is perfect for school because I can carry my ID card, keys, and debit card all in one wallet, so I do not forget anything.  The only thing that is inconvenient about it is that I cannot fit my phone into the pocket.  The form is a rectangular shape, with a patterned border and a clear rectangle on the middle. The pattern of the fabric is a blue, purple, and green Vera Bradley floral pattern, and feels like a canvas material.  The two pockets on the inside serves the function to hold cards and my ID card in the front.  I also put extra coins in the pocket, so I don’t have loose change laying around.  There is a zipper at the top to ensure that none of the cards fall out.  The key ring allows me to attach my keys, too. Some challenges the designer might have had may have been the type of fabric to ensure its strength, as well as the pattern on the fabric and the size of the wallet.  She might have chosen a thicker fabric so that it would not rip with frequent use, and made it a little larger than a business or credit card so they can fit.  I think the designer also chose a dark blue stitching to sew the wallet together so that it would match the color scheme of the fabric pattern, and the stitching is quite thick, probably adding to the style, as well as the durability, of the wallet.image(1)


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  1. I love the pattern of it. And not only is it stylish, it also serves a great purpose. It seems as if this wallet has it all! No wonder you picked such a practical, organizational object. I’ll have to purchase one myself.

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