Assignment 2

I am major in Advertising and Information technology studies dual major now. In my opinion, Graphic design is an important and indispensable part in Advertising. We use three ways print ads and TV ads and broadcast ads  to create ads. Print ads use Graphic design mostly. we always need to design a new graph to express our ideas and make it more convince.

For example: below print ads design a building that shapes and colors look like a magnet, means that this company is so power that can absorb many people. If we do not design this colors or this shape of building like that, we can express this information.

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Another example is this coffee bean’s print ads. It heap up the coffee beans shapes like a owl. Owl is a special animals that always open their eyes even when their sleeping. This ad express that this coffee bean can wake you up, full of energy. If we did not make the coffee bean shape like a Owl, can’t express this meaning.

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All in all, we can not express our mostly idea without graph design.

Yunxan Wu

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