At your GLA-SERvice….

WOW was my first reaction to “To Inform and Delight.” To begin with, the title slide of the movie highlights the worlds FORM and LIGHT in the title. I thought that was not only clever, but instantly demonstrated that something simple like a title can be completely reinvented with a smart design.


Milton Glaser is such an incredible and unique designer. He stated, “I never thought I could make a living from making paintings that people would put in their house.” Anyone is capable of making designs and artwork if they put the time and effort into it. Graphic design is a necessity in today’s society. I learned that a successful design conveys a word, a feeling and a place; furthermore, it is something that is simple and direct. These three elements allow for a person to remember and create emotion to the design. This can be seen in Glaser’s “I love NY” design. The “I” is a word, the heart conveys a feeling and NY is a place that people will remember. Together, the combination of these three things created a piece that people would not forget; its simplicity is so unique to its success. Glaser said, “it activated a problem solving mechanism in the brain” through the use of those three elements. Design is all about problem solving through innovation.


One thing I thought Glaser said that was interesting is that he did not want to be defined with a style. I like that because it shows his versatility and shows he can accommodate any design. I think styles can limit designers and without a style, the possibilities are endless. I came into graphic design with a style; I only liked red, white and black. So far, I have pushed myself to utilize more colors in my work and go outside of my comfort zone. This has really allowed my work and I to grow. By eliminating my obsession and style with color, I opened up a door with hundreds of new possibilities.


Lastly, Glaser prided himself on trying to do the best he can do. I found this valuable because at the end of the day if I put 100% effort into a design, then it is something to be proud of. If I truly cannot say I did not put in 100% effort, then revisions and edits need to be done. It is with this mentality that Glaser puts out the best possible work possible. This is something I seek to achieve as well. I need to be confident in my work and ensure that nothing else can possibly be done. 100% requires pushing yourself to new levels, defying the odds you think may exist, and really giving it your all. It is in the last hour on the last day that pushing yourself is where true success is found.


Moreover, Glaser is an innovator in the graphic design field. His art and ability to create cutting edge designs no matter what the cause make him one of the most versatile and unique graphic designers. He works for any client on any topic and that is something I applaud. No matter what the challenge, Glaser finds it in himself to solve the problem and create a simple yet unique solution.


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