Insight from a Professional: Doug Bartow

In class, we were able to get great insight from experienced graphic designer, Doug Bartow thanks to innovative technologies like Google Hangout. Seeing design studios and listening to actual designers’ advice never ceases to amaze me. His work environment seemed… Continue Reading


Taking things for granted

While watching “Objectified,” the first thing that came to my mind was “Unwrapped.” Unwrapped is a television show that displays how different candy/snacks/beverages are made. Of course, my mind automatically went to food. From “Objectified” I drew connections to another… Continue Reading


Design & The Industry: The Notorious “Spin-Doctors”

  Spin-masters, flacks, truth-twisters, etc; the professionals in my field have been called it all. Many people believe that public relations specialists spin the truth about celebrities, scandals, news stories, tragedies, etc. The real truth however, is public relations specialists… Continue Reading