Be a giant in the real world

This Tuesday, we have a “face to face” talk with Greg Breeding. He is a designer in an agency. I really learned a lot by his talk. He says that his agency is mainly worked for non-profit organization, which makes me admire. Since I am an advertising major, I know it is hard to make people be award of non-profit organizations and take some actions through ads. Mr. Breeding says that their job is to give the audience a good deign work which help the clients to make the target audience better understand the stories you want to tell, and hopefully they can change their minds to behave what you want them to behave. Visual design is a good tool for telling stories and communications. it reminds me of our website project. Every element we put there is to help people easy to understand the concept and get information easily. On the other hand, he talks a lot about the clients. This is a really big part since though we learn a lot of knowledge in college, working is different with studying in universities. You have to corporate with others, and serve others instead of doing what you like. It is important to talk to clients, know what their needs are, and persuade them to be open to our ideas, but at the same time, also meets their requirements. What’s more, he mentioned that they will give the clients a draft before the final version is done. This is like what we do in the course. We first have a draft, and then have the final version after revision. One day, we will need to work in the society, the real world, maybe we can’t do what we want to do every time, but at least we should try to persuade them and show our ideas to “wow” them.

Xuekun Su

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