Big story behind small typeface

I had no idea about typefaces before I saw this movie. It included several famous typeface designers to tell their opinions on helvetica and their own stories as typeface designers. I was impressed when the movie showed lots of scenes in our daily life that used different typefaces.They really have the social responsibility to make society in order and easy.I didn’t pay attention to these typefaces at all though I saw them frequently when I walked on the street.  What’s more, designers from multiple countries expressed their thoughts on why Helvetica is so successful and why it is still often used by designers nowadays. One designer said that people love Helvetica because it has meaning of itself, and it connected with the content. Another designer mentioned that it is comfortable and clear. He also illustrated one post ads of Coca-cola that used Helvetica which said”It is the real thing. Coke.” He thought the use of Helvetica in this ads helped convince consumers to buy the product well. Also, one of the popular designers think Helvetica has a perfect balance between pull and push. Different designers had totally different impression on Helvetica, which I think is also a key reason why Helvetica is still popular now.

Xuekun Su

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