Blog 1 assignment

After reading these students’ expereience, I feel more comfortable on taking this class. I have no experience on creating and drawing. I am a really bad drawer, but after I saw several students had the same feelings like me, and they did really well in this class at the end, I feel more confident.

The students gave many good advise. I tool notes on some of them, which I think will be very useful to me. The most frequently advise on the article is to go to everyclass and sign up for Professor Strong office hour as many as possible. Second, it is to get the Free Creative Cloud, most students found it is very helpful to create at home or a comfortable place. Third, do not procratinate or plan early. It is important to give yourself a plenty of time to think, create, sketch, and revise. Fourth, find a favorite typeface and color, and make notes of them. Fifth, simplity has been mentioned several times in the article.

There are still many good advise except above. I think this article is very helpful for the students who has no experience on InDesign or graphic design.

Yanjun Li

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