Blog Assignment #1

As a newhouse student who never learned Graphic Design before, I first feel a little bit anxious wheather I will do well in this class. Howevver, I have become more confidence about this class after reading the Lessons Learned article. From the article, there are a lot of helpful tips made by 30 previous students. One of the most important tips mentioned by a lot of the students was to use office hours. Office hours is a great opportunity to get familar with the professor and IAs; it is also a chance to solve any confusion or question either in the class or out of the class.


Another vital thing that was mentioned is to believe in yourself, Graphic Designs are everywhere and it takes time to develop an idea that could be great. So be patient and trust your ability that your idea will be great is very important. I realize that it might be a little bit hard at the start point, but when you get into the Graphic Design field, you will be soonly get used to it and really enjoy your time when you are designing.

Jiecheng XU

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