Blog Assignment 1: Lessons Learned

If I had to do a quick summary of the advice from all the students I would say each one had one of the following in their posts:

  1. Don’t Procrastinate
  2. Go to office hours
  3. Get the free Creative Cloud

Although these were the most common, and I am definitely going to pay close attention to these tips, the advice that I found most interesting was the post made by student 26.  They stated, “This course is an INTRODUCTION course, meaning you are not required to walk into class on the first day as a professional graphic designer.”  I was worried about needing to be artistic and being held to an extremely high expectation.  This post helped to calm my nerves and realize that it is okay to not be the best at graphic design right off the bat, and as student 26 would say “take it slow.”  Another piece of advice that stood out to me was to love what you work on.  It is so important to work on things that you enjoy so you don’t get bored.  Sometimes I believe that people take the easy route and work with things that may bore them, just because it would be less difficult.  If you are working with something you love, it may not be a walk in the park but it definitely will be more satisfying in the end.

I am incredibly excited and nervous for this course but with this advice I am ready to take it head on!

Kerry Judge

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