Blog Assignment #1: Lesson’s Learned

After reading 30 students advice after taking this class I am not sure if I should be more stressed or relieved to start this class. It is a lot to take in all at once but I think it VERY helpful to know these tips. One advice that I think pretty much everyone said was to go to office hours. I will take this advice because 1, every student said it, and 2 I do believe that Prof. Strong will help and give me additional advice that I would of not heard in class. Another piece of advice that I think I will take to heart is to give myself time and believe in myself. I am known to procrastinate sometimes and that leaves me very stressed. I want to take this class seriously and not be super stressed this semester. So I am going to give myself a goal to work on my designs everyday for at least an hour so I can finish on time and have minimum stress. I also liked that most students said to believe in yourself. I like this advice because many times I feel frustrated when peers or professor do not like my work, paper etc. Even though I spent so much time into it and gave all my effort. I want to remind myself that if I think this is the best I can do and I love it then I am going to keep and not care what others think. (Unless it will give me an F). This is also a valuable lesson to learn in life too. Some students also said to download the free trial on laptop and some said to go to Newhouse labs. I am conflicted in which I want to do but I think this is a personal preference which I will just have to wait and see what is easier for me. So overall, what I got out of these advices from students is to 1. Go to Office Hours 2. Time Management is everything 3. Believe in yourself and take risks 4. Don’t Stress and Don’t Panic 5. This will be the most rewarding and stressful class that I will take so far in Newhouse.

Rae Sanchez

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