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My specific study is Public Relations. One of the keys of PR is branding, and build the image of your clients, be it a person, product or company. In this case, messaging and graphics are really important. Visual communications for the clients are part of a coordinated campaign. Through the research, graphic design matters a lot in the PR field. For example, graphic design can help you learn how to come up with a whole design that effectively communicates a message successfully to my target audience; get to work together as a group in order to create a portfolio for our client; working with the two software programs, we also need to be conscious of our target market and how to best reach them, etc. If there is no graphic design involves in my industry, the communication will not be that effective; it will be more difficult to reach the target audience and market; PR practitioners will not have a strong ability to think from a different perspective. Overall, graphic design plays a major role in PR. I attached two example pictures. One is a nonprofit organization and another one is corporate PR. They both use graphic design to show a company’s theme and idea, which images are preferable to words.

gap CFR_logo-648_583

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