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My field of study is advertising, and graphic design has become a necessity in this industry. In advertising, it is important for a brand to make a connection with the public in order to leave a lasting impression. Since we live in a visually-oriented world, memorable designs are necessary for establishing relationships with customers.Nike logo

One of the ways graphic design is used in advertising is with brand identity. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is the brand Nike. As seen with the image above, you only need to view the logo to know both the brand and the slogan “Just Do It.” By having an established brand identity, it is easier for customers to trust the brand because it is well known.

Buckle up

Aside from brand identity, graphic design is used in advertising to get serious messages across in fun and original ways. For example, this advertisement plays on the idea of how you can get “sling-shotted” from your seat if you do not wear your seatbelt by literally placing a giant slingshot in front of the billboard. Once the sign grabs your attention with the slingshot, it finishes off the message with the tag line “The back seat’s no safer. Buckle up.” The use of graphic design was perfect here because the picture of the man in the seat combined well with the giant slingshot in front of it.

If there was no graphic design in the advertising industry, it would be extremely difficult for brands to maintain the same relationships with the public. This is because brands allow products to differentiate from each other through their unique designs. Therefore, without brand identities, the products would not be able to stick out and people would not feel as compelled to pick any one over the other.



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