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I am studying advertising and graphic design is crucial in the field. Graphic design helps influence how we view and are attracted to a brand. It’s everywhere in advertising, on billboards, magazines, tv, books, etc. It is the way a company creates a face or visual representation of the brand. Often having a memorable concept in a company’s visual representation is needed for a person to make a strong connection to place in their mind. By doing this you can create emotional feelings towards a brand.
One example is the Mcdonald’s logo showing the “golden arches.” When seeing this design you automatically remember the slogan “i’m loving it” or think of the delicious (greasy), cheap food this fast food restaurant has to offer. Mcdonald’s has been a incredibly large company for a long time now and even the logo has the power to send us back to past experiences like playing on the playground while waiting for a kids meal.

Graphic design can not only sell a brand, but also covey a message to strongly influence the way people think. In advertising an ad isn’t always just for a product, it can be for an event, campaign or a foundation. For instance, Alzheimer’s Day by Publicis in Belgian used this concept on memory loss:


The ad shows ink disappearing from the page much like the memory of people who live with Alzheimer’s disease. This design powerfully expresses the loss of memory just by removing ink from a page. The choice by doing so is powerful, dramatic and make us want to learn more about what the ad is trying to convey.
If there was no graphic design in advertising it would be too difficult for a company to remain prominent in a customers mind. For instance without the visuals in advertising it would be hard for a company to differentiate with other brands.  Companies simply wouldn’t be able to remain prevalent in the market, and brands wouldn’t have an identity.

Brianna Thompson

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