Blog Assignment #2 Graphic Design in Advertising

I am in Advertising major and it is important for me to learn graphic design.First, I need to design different ads. These ads are in various styles–posters,  TV ads, radio ads,etc. Graphic design is widely used especially in poster ads and TV ads. In the advertising field, ad people send effective messages to  customers through design. How can we make our target audience react to our ads in a positive way? How to drive their attentions? How to reach the expected effect that the client want? Yeah, we need good ideas, but that’s not enough. We need good graphic design to make our ideas possible, and present them to the audience in a clear way. Here are two examples. Image result for poster ads

This is a PSA ad, which is a kind of ad that is aimed to make people aware of something that is quiet universal important. This poster ad is trying to tell people not to smoke too much. The design is good since it just looks like a cigarette, and these white people are going towards death when they smoke.

Image result for poster ads

This is another ad for a battery brand. The design uses muscle to show that this battery is powerful than others. People can directly get what the client trying to say through the design.

Xuekun Su

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