Blog Assignment #4 – To Inform and Delight

I enjoyed the documentary To Inform and Delight about Milton Glaser. One thing that really stood out to me in the film was when Glaser said, “drawing is thinking.”  I found it interesting his approach in creating a design, and the ways in which drawing and sketching helped him develop his ideas. I can learn from this aspect in regards to my own poster. Sketching and drawing is always the first step when developing ideas and it helps you in the long run.

In the documentary Glaser said that graphic design is a  puzzle, and the best way to be a designer is to find and create what best suits the audience. An example of this is his creation of the legendary “I <3 New York.”  The idea was simple, creative, and unique, and because of this the design caught fire and was used over and over again. I thought it was interesting that Glaser never received any money from creating this popular design.

I hope I am able to apply many of Milton Glaser’s techniques to my own poster, and I hope in the end it comes together seamlessly, as Glaser’s designs always do.

Isabel Engelbrekt

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