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  1. 49. I shouldn’t take critiques and evaluations of my work too close to heart.

    This is something the majority of us can relate to, in high school, and now even more so in college. I often take offense to harsh comments about my work, especially if those words are coming from a professor or a friend. What we, as students must understand, is that we are “students” for a reason. The anger and frustration of not achieving a 4.0 in a semester is completely unnecessary, as long as the effort you have put in has allowed your mind to become more creative and has satisfied its craving for knowledge. I, personally, am quite susceptible to critiques about my work, but I hope that taking this class will allow me to lose the edge and redirect the disappointment into a quality final product. In the end, results are what matter and are what we should be proud of. The sleepless nights are just the fun along the way.

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