Blog Post 1 Lessons Learned

I have never been the most creative person. This class scares me mainly because I fear the amount of time that it is going to take to actually produce something I feel confident about submitting and sharing to the class. Reading the advice from students last year definitely made me feel more excited and open about the process of learning in this class. It felt good to be reminded that I shouldn’t just get discouraged from coming into class with no experience in graphic design because throughout the semester we will learn new techniques that will benefit me for the rest of my life for many reasons.Student 6 reminded me as well that if you “do the projects on things that interest you” you can give it your all because you will be actually passionate about your work and have fun doing the work. Thanks to Student 10’s reminders I realize that paying attention, putting extra time into learning computer software, and by doing the projects that interest me the most will make this class incredibly rewarding. Like student 6 and 10  said, “make everything count.” This class is required for a reason, because it will give me an advantage in my career and other (random) things in my life. I will take advantage of learning from an incredible professor and teacher assistants. So excited for the semester… Thanks Professor Strong and Rachel!

Brianna Thompson

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