Blog Post #1 – Response to Lessons Learned

            I was both excited yet nervous to begin taking graphic design. I do consider myself to be artistic and creative, but not necessarily in areas of graphic design. I am intimidated by making my ideas come to fruition in addition to creating content on a professional app such as InDesign. After reading the “Lessons Learned” blog post with the advice from former students, I am relieved and even more eager to start the first project. One piece of advice that resonated with me strongest and was offered by most students was to take advantage of office hours and get to know Professor Strong. They wrote that it will be to my benefit to create a relationship with the professor, and to get her advice, critiques, and design influence on each project. They stressed the importance of getting feedback. In addition to this, many students wrote about time management and procrastination. Avoiding procrastination is key, especially when using InDesign. I also learned to avoid procrastination because a project might take time and many drafts in order for it to become the finished product I want it to be. Lastly, one suggestion that really stood out to me was to not get too attached to your first idea. You need to allow your ideas to evolve and grow, and consider more options and suggestions as you work on a project. All of the advice given by former students has calmed my nerves and made me very excited for what this class has to offer.                            

Isabel Engelbrekt

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