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My field of study is public relations with a specific interest in fashion.  Graphic design is used widely within public relations.  While public relations is heavily writing based, it is necessary to have the ability to convey a message in a simple and effective manner.  Graphic design and visual elements allow public relations specialists to convey a message to a specific audience. By combining different design components, a consistent image is created for a company or for your personal brand.  Graphics is important because it allows a message to be conveyed from a different perspective.  Also, as a designer you learn to see things from a different perspective.  It is important to understand how many steps go into creating and executing a successful design.  As an individual, you become more detail oriented, learn to work as a team to complete goals, and meet deadline.  Furthermore, having graphic design on your resume sets you apart from others. Graphic design is necessary for public relations because without it there would be no form of visual communication.  Without visuals, brands would lack personal identity.

I attached two visuals.  One demonstrates the use of graphic design in press releases and the other illustrates how cohesive designs create a brands identity.


109464_4172482_664655_image Graphic-Design-and-Branding-Project-by-Circo-for-Mauropiano

Sophie Greenberg

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