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My chosen field of interest is officially advertising, but I am especially interested in social media and how a brand or company can reach and interact with its audience. Graphic design is more important currently in advertising than in any other era because almost all communication between a brand and its consumer occurs online through websites, email, and especially social media. Graphic design is essential to efficient communication between brand and buyer, by mode of website and magazine design, and actual advertisements themselves. Most pop-up ads, print ads, and television ads incorporate major aspects of graphic design in order to give a message to a specific group of people that they are trying to reach, and to have that message to resonate with them. With graphic design, a meaningful and memorable message can be conveyed to influence and persuade consumers to buy a product or be interested in a certain issue. Graphic design is essential to social media especially because an image has the potential to be shared, liked, and viewed by millions of people worldwide, and a similar message can be drawn from that image from people of different languages, religions, and cultures. Graphic design can spark conversation, incite emotional reactions, and inspire people, especially since social media has made sharing images and messages so incredibly easy. Without elements of graphic design, the field of advertising would not be impactful in delivering messages. These messages would be reduced to purely print media, through hand drawing and photography. Ads in the ‘50s and ‘60s were created by hand and artists were very limited as to what could be realistically portrayed. In the image featuring the advertisement for a swim cap, created in the 1960s, two photographs were cropped together and drawn over. As technology progressed and images were able to be altered digitally, ads became much more creative because these limits were obliterated. The image of a much more recent advertisement from the Museum of Architecture shows a more advanced and interesting picture to look at, made much more impactful because of how  realistic it is. These two images show the evolution of advertising, and proves that graphic design can make a message more interesting to look at and therefore effective to a consumer. Though the earlier ad may convey a simple message, the later ad piques more interest through its imaginative impossibility.

Amanda Boyd

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