Blog Post 2: Form and Function: Jewelry Tree

In this picture my jewelry tree is already in use so it is not the only object in the photo. I chose to write about my jewelry treephoto because it is such a useful and convenient item, yet it was still designed with beauty. I think this item is very expressive of me because it has some spunk and distinction; it is not just another jewelry box.

The jewelry tree is a subtle silvery/grey color that stands out, but blends in at the same time. Its presence is not overpowering in the room. It has many smooth metal “branches” that create a clean look. The tree also has five little bird figures placed throughout the tree on the ends of the metal “branches.” I believe this element gives the tree some spirit, life, and personality.

The function of the tree is to be used as a hanger for necklaces. I also put earrings on my tree because I have WAY more earrings than necklaces and I needed a place for them. The mix of the two makes my tree seem a little lopsided, but oh well. The tree is also relatively tall (about 1.5 feet) which allows for long necklaces to be hung. It also has three metal poles as the base like a tripod would have. They have a look of roots but function to keep the tree sturdy.

One challenge that I saw come across (perhaps the designer saw it but decided to focus on other aspects) is that each branch only holds one necklace or earring pair. This is because the branches are smooth and slopping so the jewelry slides to the bottom where two branches meet. Like I said before, the designer may have been focusing more on the elegance and the clean lines rather than the quantity of branches so that more jewelry can fit. Also, I have a lot of jewelry (that isn’t even half of it) so I may be overloading the tree.

I think the designer was going for an overall look of elegance and simplicity with some life. I think that the tree is only designed to hold a few pieces to sort of show them off. It is not meant to be full.


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  1. I think jewelry trees are beautiful and like you said, definitely designed with elegance to display only a few pieces. The number of branches always varies from tree to tree but they are rarely supposed to hold more than 10-15 necklaces. I haven’t seen little additions like birds before-I wonder if maybe they are also supposed to act as a “stopper” so that necklaces don’t fall off certain high branches? I love that you put earrings on the tree and that the designer made the branches so that earrings wouldn’t simply slide off-regardless is that was the intention.

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