Blog Post #2 – Graphic Design in Photojournalism

I am a Multimedia Photography & Design student majoring in photojournalism. As indicated by Newhouse, photography majors show the world from two different viewpoints, and photojournalists specifically tell real-life stories about people in ordinary and extraordinary times. Graphic design is used extensively and is important in this field of study. In Professor Strong’s lecture, I discovered that graphic design is the communication of a message using words and space as applied to artifacts and documents that inform our human experience. Therefore, in many cases, photography and design should be intertwined and used with one another. A picture is usually taken for a reason, either to tell a story or reveal a message. The use of graphic design within that picture could help highlight and show the story that is being told or make the message clearer. Graphic design may also be used in photography to improve viewer experience. Graphic design could make a picture more appealing and interesting, drawing the audience towards it. Graphic design is also very useful when creating a website or social media page to showcase your work. It is important to create content that is creatively appealing.

These photographs are examples of pictures that have graphic design incorporated in them. The example on the left shows a photograph on the cover of a magazine, with graphic design being used prominently around it. The text, colors, and graphics on the face add another dimension to the photograph. The example on the right shows the addition of color through graphic design, and how color and graphics alter the meaning of a photograph.

lofficiel-magazine-1        photography-meets-graphic-design

Photography/photojournalism would not be the same without the incorporation of graphic design. This field is about telling stories and relaying messages, and the use of graphic design often adds to the importance of a moment. Photojournalism is made much more interesting and effective with graphic design.



Isabel Engelbrekt

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