Blog Post 4 – Helvetica

I see the typeface Helvetica everywhere now after watching the documentary Helvetica! I was at the football game on Saturday and I kept pointing out bunch of signs that were written in Helvetica to my friends.

In all actuality though, I found the documentary quite interesting. It made me think about other typefaces that are very common and that I have used my whole life for essays, papers, etc. Most of them are typefaces that are preset for one reason or another: Times New Roman, Arial, Cambria, Helvetica, and Georgia. I never paid attention to these typefaces as being different or sending different messages, but they do.

I found it interesting that the professional designers and typographers didn’t agree on weather or not they like Helvetica. Some were completely for it, others hated it with a passion, and some were indifferent. It makes sense though. I guess typefaces go in and out of style just as clothes, houses and slang words do. That is why the older designers that would have been around when Helvetica was created love it, but new designers hate it. The new designers grew up with Helvetica surrounding them so they were too overwhelmed with it to love it.

The one thing that I found confusing was in the beginning when the older designers said that the typeface doesn’t give meaning to the text. This is the opposite than what we have been told in class.  I guess that, again, it all depends on what the majority opinion was when they grew up and their own opinion.


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