I ♥ GD

Graphic design, though mute and simple, has the ability to influence emotions. I *heart* NY designer, Milton Glaser, discussed how his creation shifted the city’s conscience from being indifferent to declaring love for a place. A design, simple in color and… Continue Reading


Ad Alert

Graphic design is omnipresent. Or, it at least feels that way in the world of Advertising, from the point of view of a budding advertiser. Graphic design is used as a vehicle by Ad agencies to make their content more… Continue Reading


Lupton text

After reading the Lupton text, I found myself extremely overwhelmed. I think if it weren’t for the pictures I would have been swimming in letters and text.   Part 1: I can not believe there are so many different word… Continue Reading


Form and Function

My form and function is of a glass square-ish block with the Rialto bridge in it from my trip to Venice, Italy this summer. I chose this object because honestly I did not have anything else that was interesting in… Continue Reading