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Welcome to your graphic design course blog.

This is where we’ll keep the conversation going beyond our time together at Newhouse and where you can find all pertinent course materials. I post class information here—including assignments—as well as tips, inspirations, warnings and even a life lesson or two. Your job is to post your own thoughts, findings and lessons learned as assigned. You will be expected to contribute to the blog several times this semester, but I’ll provide details in class as we go along. Unassigned posts that are meaningful and relevant and useful will earn you small amounts of extra credit. Make sure to categorize those under Spontaneous Blog Post so I can search for them easily. Meanwhile, a quick tour of the site and your first blog assignment:

Where posts live. Each of your posts must be tagged and categorized. Let me or the course IA know if you don’t see an appropriate category and we’ll create one.

Here you can download a current PDF of the course syllabus or read it online.

All the blog assignments with specifics. I’ll post them as I assign them.

Here you’ll find a page for each design assignment, which will include rationale templates and other relevant files/links. Occasionally, you’ll find a video tutorial in there to help with the task at hand. There’s nothing there to look at yet. I’ll post the material as I assign the projects.

Here you’ll find tutorials, links and other useful notes.

Feel free to poke around and make sure to submit your first TWO posts. A quick reminder on posts: I’m looking for smart, engaging and meaningful contributions. Stay away from pretense and wordy, repetitive posts.

Read the post that follows, LESSONS LEARNED—CLASS OF 2015. It’s long (so grab a cup of coffee) but definitely worth reading if you want to know what’s about to hit you and how to make the most of the next 15 weeks in this course. When you’re done, post your own thoughts on something you read there that made an impression. Please don’t forget to categorize and tag the post, selecting as many labels as apply.

This post is due Saturday Sept. 3 at 5 p.m. (I extended the deadline by one day.)

Discuss the significance of graphic design in your chosen field. If you don’t yet know, do a little research. Ask your professors or friends in the industry, dig around on the Internet, walk around in the real world and find examples. And speaking of examples, include at least two photos of two different uses of graphic design as it relates to your field. (Upload your images  at 800px width max; 72DPI, JPG or PNG format.) In the written post, make sure to address the following:

  • What is your specific field of study.
  • How is graphic design used in your field of study? List as many different applications as you can.
  • How important is graphic design in your field and why?
  • How would your industry change if there were no graphic design involved?

This is due Tuesday Sept. 6 at 11 a.m. 

Please do not put your post on this page as a comment, rather create a post on the Home page. And don’t forget to tag and categorize it, please, selecting as many labels as apply.



Prof. Claudia