Creative Process

I found myself desiring to write down practically every other thing Milton Glaser said in the film because his words had a lot of impact. A lot of the phrases he said were gems that could be written on the walls of an office or a studio to provide daily motivation. My favorite thing Glaser said was “The energy comes from the process of making it, not the premeditated thoughts and just doing it”. Now, I wouldn’t dare to discredit the draft process for any project. For a film, the pre-production process is necessary and for a design or an essay the drafting process is necessary. Premeditation is crucial! But I do agree that the energy truly comes from the process of making the design itself. While you’re working, there’s so much of the “wait, I’ll add this” and “wow, that leads me into another concept”. That’s how I feel when I’m working in the lab. New ideas just come flushing out of me at a far more rapid rate than during the sketching process. For my poster, my simple idea expanded because while I was working on it, each little detail I added or changed led to something else.

The segment with the male from the brewery struck me because he essentially got Glaser’s attention because of his “badgering”. This situation caught my attention because that is kind of how I landed my position at one of the internships I have today. It just shows that being persistent may result in giving you an opportunity for success, and if you would’ve given up, none of those opportunities would’ve came to be. The partnership for the brewery turned out to be a great success and it was all because he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.


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