Creativity in Daily Life

The amount of times I have picked up a vegetable peeler and thought about its design could be counted on one hand. To any average person, this is a typical tool used in every day life, nothing else special about it. But, to a designer, every shape, curve, and color of the object is an art piece to be explored. This is what I really enjoyed about Objectified, it taught me that every little thing that I encounter throughout my daily routine has been thoroughly and carefully thought through.

The vegetable peeler was not the only example in the film that brought my attention to the inner mechanisms of a designer’s mind. The toothpick design really caught my attention because I have never seen or considered a toothpick to have any creative aspect. However, to a designer a toothpick has endless creative possibilities. The fact that the toothpick shown in the film had a detachable end, which could be used as a holder as well as indicate that the toothpick was used, was baffling to me. Objectified really opened my eyes to seeing innovation in any small, simple object.

Nathalie Pollack

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