Creativity of Milton Glaser

“Inform and Delight” was an incredibly inspiring documentary. Milton Glasner is a well known artist across the world. For someone who could let the fame get in his head, he is very modest and views his artwork not based just on his success. Milton has gained his success from his incredibly well known pieces of art. What can we learn from Milton? I don’t think we can learn a lot solely about his success but how he actually got this success. Milton is an out of the box thinker. He never follows the norm and is always looking for ways to catch the attention of his audience. I think this is a very valuable lesson because in our graphics design it is important to not just follow the norm. It’s important to just not copy concepts with different images. It’s important to think out of the box like Milton. Creativity can inspire and change attitudes.


In addition, as college students, careers are something that are always in the back of our heads. Salary and success are factors that definitely play a role in where we want to work or where we want to be in ten years time. However, I think everyone can learn a few things about Milton’s modesty. Success doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t care about the paycheck that he’ll get at the end of the day. Milton is more focused on inspiring and changing for positive reasons. Milton told us in the movie that he didn’t make a penny off of his very famous I love New York Logo. That logo, through licensing and various merchandising opportunities could have made Milton a millionaire many times over. However, to Milton, creating a logo that had changed the negative mindset of so many New Yorkers in a time of distraught made it worth it to not make any money. This alongside many other of Milton’s characteristics make him very admirable.

Scott Freeman

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