Delightfully Informed

Ever since we first began this course a few short weeks ago, I’ve been falling more and more in love with design. I look at the world now. I’ve gained a new appreciation and sense of curiosity about the thought process of a design. Milton Glaser taught me that even the simplest of designs are packed with layers of meaning. Every line, typeface and placement of an image is a conscious decision that the designer makes to create an experience for the viewer. When discussing his designs, he was able to articulate every thought he had during its creation process, and why he made the decisions that he did. Even with designs that appeared to be simple and straightforward had an in depth thought process behind them, for example his iconic “I Love NY” design. It is a simple, clean design with four pieces and no frills, yet it conveys the love and passion he has for New York City, and made New Yorkers realize that they loved it too. I now realize the importance of the rationales in helping us organize our thought process, and to understand why we designed what we did.

Glaser stated that when he is designing he doesn’t think of it as designing an object, rather he is redesigning the future. When he said that, I was forced to reflect on my desing idea for my poster. The image I create can be associated with the event and its values for years to come. I want to create something interesting of course, but most importantly I want my audience to feel differently after seeing it. As I watching the film, I was flooded with ideas for my project that would better convey the message and vibe of my event.  He mentioned his attraction to designs that didn’t look like they were designed. I interpreted that as designs that look like they just happened naturally without thinking. The poster I am designing is for a music festival called Afropunk, and during the film screening I tried to sketch out exactly what I saw when I thought of Afropunk, and came to a final concept idea for my project.

Milton Glaser sees the world beautifully and has the talent to create designs that enhance the world’s beauty. As my passion for design grows, I can only hope to one day see the world as he does and have the ability to articulate views into delightful, informative images.


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